Non-Partisanship Policy and Code of Conduct

  • Our fact-check department ensures adherence to our methodology and a commitment to non-partisanship. Our fact-checking process deters personal biases, which works to look at all stories through a critical and objective lens based on factual information. Our fact-checks do not contain any personal opinions, they are facts. We ensure that all those recruited into the fact-checking team do not have any affiliation with any state or the national government, politician, or political party.

  • The other integral aspects of our non-partisanship policy are mentioned below:

    • Employees are not allowed to be affiliated with any politician or any political party, and must not advocate for or represent any political leaning or views.

    • Employees are not allowed to participate in any political protests or campaigns.

    • Employees are not allowed to use any office resources to help amplify the voice of any political campaign, party, state, or national government.

  • Employees found to be violating any of these terms will be subject to an internal review/hearing process whereby required action will be taken.

  • Non-partisanship is non-negotiable for Rozana Spokesman, and we stand by all principles mentioned above. All employees must adhere to these policies.

Why is it important to us?

  • Political funding and pressure can influence the content we are striving to create, disturbing its originality and factuality. Sometimes, this can lead to biased views or mis/disinformation. The powerful fourth pillar of democracy must serve to protect, preserve and uphold the rights to truthful and factual information by exercising our freedom of expression. We at Rozana Spokesman value our voice and independence. Our stance is clear, we will continue to raise our voice for the people through reporting honest, independent, and factual information.