Our Story

Rozana Spokesman is a well-established regional Punjabi media house that honors the spirit of Punjab. Our brand epitomizes a successful and dependable platform, renowned for its unwavering commitment to fearless and truthful coverage. 

At the time of our establishment, Punjab did not have strong or independent media. Our founder aimed and worked to fill this void, using his writing to represent the voice of the people of Punjab. His fierce writing along with his methodical, community-driven stories and opinionated editorials were instrumental in formulating, developing, and ensuring our brand is synonymous with cutting-edge journalism. 

Rozana Spokesman has transformed the Punjabi media landscape, setting the trend and benchmark for a 21st-century media outlet in Punjab. The organization has grown from a monthly-edition magazine to a print and digital media outlet. The brand portfolio consists of a daily newspaper, a social media platform with its presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, among others, and a website where we host our e-paper, written articles, links to our video content, and our fact-checks.