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Why didn’t India send indigenous tanks in Intl Military Drill?

13 August, 2017

Indian Army disappointed when two Russian-made T-90 tanks deployed for the war games were knocked out of the International Military Drill held at Russia. The tanks were disqualified due to a technical snag.

It’s a biggest disappointment for Indian Army as well as country that the tanks developed by Russia developed technical problem. Army boasts of its Arjun tanks but the Russian made tanks were sent to the competition.

Why didn’t Indian Army send indigenous tanks?

The both Russian T-90 tanks sent for global wargames broke down during the competition and India failed to qualify in the semi-finals.

Countries like China, Belarus and Kazakhstan participating in the event used their own indigenous tanks in the competition. However, India didn’t afford to send the Indian made tanks and confidently sent Russian made tanks in the competition.

Indian Army could have sent the Arjun tanks in the competition. It seems the Army didn’t trust the Arjun tanks fit for the International competition. Even the broke down of Russian tanks also exposed the Russian technology. It raises questions at Russia's credibility and even questions Indian Army for not relying on indigenous tanks. 

If the tanks would have in the war zone then it could have given a big loss to the Army. When the countries like Belarus and Kazakhstan can afford to send their country made tanks then why Indian authorities took the risk of sending foreign tanks in the competition.

Indian scientists have designed the Arjun tanks which boast of their features were ignored by the Indian Army.