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BJP govt has failed, alleges Kiran

13 August, 2017

Hisar: Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader Kiran Choudhry has said that every section of society is fed up with the state government as there has been deep disenchantment among farmers, youth and traders across the state.

Addressing a gathering during the Jan Akrosh Mahapanchayat in Loharu town of Bhiwani district today, Kiran said that only the SYL waters could drench the parched furrows of Bhiwani and other southern districts. “The Supreme Court has given a verdict in favour of Haryana and I expect that the BJP governments at the Centre and in the state would ensure construction of the canal so that the due share of Haryana reaches to the fields,” she said.

“Recession in business and lack of job opportunities have spurred resentment among the youth. The flawed policies of demonetisation and the GST have resulted in shut down of 44 industries in the state. The unemployment coupled with inflation has made the lives of common people miserable,” she alleged.

Kiran said that farmers were the worst affected as input cost of the agriculture had gone up but the farmers were not getting due returns of their produce. “The farmers are being looted in the name of crop insurance scheme as banks are deducting premium without their approval,” she said.